Health and Safety Training and E-Learning


It’s important to remember that risk exists in every work place.


Training your team in Health and Safety in the workplace was once seen as a time consuming, costly, disruption to operations. It was believed to be an added expense that brought little benefit – a large investment both financially and operationally with little payback.


We at NABEL know only too well from our year’s of experience within Facilities Management that this assumption is wrong.  Unfortunately, year on year, employees are injured through accidents that could so easily have been avoided through a little basic training in health and safety matters. Current Health & Safety legislation makes it the employers responsibility to ensure that your employees are competent in basic Health & safety training.


Failure to meet this statutory duty could result in prosecution and negligence claims. NABEL us to ensure that your workforce are competent, trained and safe at work.


The benefits of Health and Safety training in the workplace are many, providing benefits for you - the employer, but more importantly, benefits for your employees – the people most at risk. The rewards for investing in your employee’s health & safety are incredible, making your employee not only feel appreciated, but also providing them with the knowledge and confidence to promote your company’s business - best practise in the workplace by pro actively demonstrating and working to the highest standards of health and safety.


At NABEL We believe that a proactive attitude to training and development is the best investment that can be made to ensure success for the future of your business.


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