Neil Abel - Director of Nabel Limited


I started my career in Estates & Facilities with the NHS over 25 years ago, even back then in my slightly younger days when I had a little more hair, I was shocked and concerned at the amount of money and time spent by my colleagues resourcing reliable contractors and obsolete parts. I found it quite immoral and frustrating that a number of the large companies we worked with were making a large profit out of our needs for additional support with our servicing and equipment, especially from an organisation such as our beloved NHS.


Even when I transferred from the NHS into the private sector to work within one of the world's largest FM companies, I found my biggest frustration was still spending hours trying to resource the reliable and cost efficient parts, contractors or training I needed in order to ensure my team and I met our incredibly tight service level agreements and within our budgets and to compliance standards.


I would find my senior staff members frantically sat at their desks trying to locate a part we needed in order to ensure service delivery within our service level agreements, it was usually a part that was was now obsolete due to the previous company going out of business or due to lifecycle and we would be left struggling to find a suitable replacement due to the fact that we were only able to use companies on our preferred suppliers list. A lose, lose situation!


I was frustrated at the parts costs charged to us as part of our "service delivery" and how much of my budget was lost having to purchase the items I required from the contractors carrying out the services, compared to if I obtained them directly. I felt so passionately about this I found myself  spending my personal time researching possible solutions, I even discovered I could use my years of experience and manufacturer a solution to save our contract nearly £6000.00 a year just on one tiny part that regularly needed replacing.


Having over 25 years experience within FM both for the private and public sector I am still amazed how much money and time is unnecessarily wasted due to time constraints and the pressures of our day to day working environments.


The soul purpose and my business vision for Nabel has been and will only ever be to try and save my clients time and money. The best job satisfaction a person can have is knowing they are making a positive difference and that's exactly what Nabel Limited will do.

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